Marketing Manager


Marketing Account Manager

An experienced Account Manager specialized in digital marketing. Skilled in managing customer accounts and project management. Providing clients with an expertise in B2B & B2C marketing solutions for over 15 years. Delivering business support to companies by helping to manage their accounts, plan their campaigns, and produce successful results. Effectively communicating with the creative team to maintain daily goals, ensure customer satisfaction, and improve productivity.

A knowledgeable leader with an ability to provide an exceptionally developed understanding of both marketing & sales, as well as the technical know how of producing high-end creative multimedia production. Inclusively also encompassing advanced technical training and proficiency in: digital marketing, project management, branding, e-commerce, web development, graphic design, & media advertising, WordPress, Shopify, Amazon, GoDaddy, Google Analytics, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative, Klaviyo, MailChimp, Salesforce, Asana.